Is the World Ready for High-Speed Intercontinental Package Delivery (Yet)?


Mr. Derek Webber

Spaceport Associates

An argument was made at the previous Arcachon Conference on Private Human Access to Space in 2008 that some systematic market research should be conducted into potential market segments for point-to-point suborbital space transportation (PtP), in order to understand whether a commercial market exists which might augment possible government use for such a vehicle. The cargo market potential was subsequently addressed via desk research, and the results, which resulted in a pessimistic business case outlook, were presented in . The same desk research approach is now used in this paper to address the potential business and wealthy individual passenger traveler market segment (“point-to-point people with purpose”). The results, with the assumed ticket pricing, are not encouraging.

Bibliographic Reference:

Webber, Derek, “Point-to-Point People with Purpose: (Exploring the Possibility of a Commercial Traveler Market for Point-to-Point Suborbital Space Transportation)”, AA-2-2001-22, 2nd International IAA Conference on Private Human Access to Space, Arcachon, France, 2011